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A Matter of Perspective

A perspective on wearing masks in public.

Hmmmm..... Do you wear masks in public when it is not mandatory?

For the most part, I do, but sometimes I am in a hurry or I just plain forget.

When I go to big box stores, I wear one. When I go shopping locally I don’t. I’m not sure of my thinking on that. Maybe I just want to believe that the people I know in the area are immune or they wouldn’t be going out, right?

I read this about why it’s important to wear masks while in public. I may have shared it before, but I believe it is worth sharing again...

Do facemasks make sense?

Let’s explain it for dummies...

If we all run around naked and someone pees on you, you get wet right away.

If you are wearing pants, some pee will get through, but not as much. So you are better protected.

But if the guy who pees is also wearing pants, the pee stays with him and you do not get wet at all.

Is that clear enough?

The key here is to wear masks, wear pants and don’t pee on other people!

There is a lot of controversy over whether wearing masks protects a person at all.

I personally, feel it is our responsibility to at least attempt to keep ourselves and others safer. If it means wearing a mask, I guess I am not opposed to that.

As the case numbers soar, I wonder when wearing them will become mandatory?

In the meantime, let’s do our due diligence in protecting each other. I think we have kind of dropped the ball on being safe while out in public. People are not social distancing, people are not wearing masks, people are congregating in masses.

I don’t believe we need to go under another lockdown, but I do believe we need to use the brains the good Lord gave us and start acting like something might seriously be going on. And we might need to stop acting in our own sole interests and start thinking about others, too. (Yes, this includes me! And you, too!)



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