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A Matter of Perspective

Today, I want to write about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I want to, but I can’t.

Instead I am going to write about what I do when I am not working for the newspaper.

I know, it sounds really boring. But it is actually kind of fun. When I am not working for the newspaper I am working on building my empire!

So far, my empire consists of a mixture of mermaid tales (or is it tails?), aliens from outer space and a book.

Okay, so I didn’t get very far on writing my book during the July episode of Camp NaNoWriMo. But on July 31, the very last day of the camp, my mind was reignited while I was watching a show about UFOs.

In this show it talked about the various former presidents who had seen UFOs—Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

It also talked about Bill Clinton and his extreme desire to open up the information that the government has about UFOs. It also portrayed his disappointment at not being able to find anything to reveal.

Other presidents throughout recent history have had the desire to expose the truth about UFOs and the presence of aliens. The interesting thing is that every one of them, after having a meeting behind closed doors at the White House about this very topic, no longer wished to disclose anything about aliens or UFOs.

It kind of makes you wonder what went on in those meetings. What was revealed to those men that made them no longer want to tell the world about it?

I have my theories, although, so far, the show has not revealed anything remotely close to what I think the truth is.

It kind of scares me. Because what if I am right in my theory? If I write my book and get it published and I actually let the cat out of the bag unbeknownst to me? That could mean...well, in the case of many of the people who have said they have seen aliens or other “proof” of extraterrestrial life have either ended up dead or disgraced as unbelievable fools.

I’m not worried though, because this book will be a work of fiction.

Or will it?



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