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A Matter of Perspective

Welcome to the third lesson that can be learned from the movie The Matrix. I am hoping you will glean some wisdom from this post as we continue our journey down the rabbit hole.

Remember, there are spoilers in these posts, so if you haven’t watched the movie, be forewarned!

Brief Recap

We have gone from meeting Neo and his search for Morpheus to the “bug in the stomach” incident when Mr. Anderson/Neo meets Agent Smith. We are seeing a small glimpse of what the Matrix is, but it is still mostly a mystery to us and to Neo.

This is Now (Or is It?)

Neo has awoke from his “bug in the stomach” moment when he receives a phone call and goes out to meet Trinity.

While in the car with Trinity, Switch and Apoc, Neo is given a choice. He can either go down the same street that he always has—the one he knows—or he can stay with the group.

With his hand on the door ready to leave the car, Neo is reminded by Trinity that he knows that street. He knows where it leads and what it means.

So What is the Lesson, Karin?

The lesson here may not appear very obvious, although I have strongly alluded to it.

It is not only about choices, but also the path we choose to take.

We often choose to stay on the same, safe path throughout our lives. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. For a lot of people, it may be their best choice.

But for Neo, the choice to take that safe and known street would have been his end.

As for us, taking the safe road is always an option. We can do quite well taking the same street we have always taken—the one that is well-lit and used by many.

But I truly believe that if your goal is to make a true difference in this world and in yourself, then you will opt to stay in the car and see where it takes you.

Is it scary?

Most definitely!

I don’t know about you, but my parents raised me to not take rides with strangers!

Is it worth it?

Oh yeah!

How Does This Fit Into Our “Real” World?

Perhaps you feel like your job selling travel packages or shoes or golf clubs or whatever can’t be life-changing, but you would be wrong!

Anything done with heart, soul and a true desire to help other people make good choices on products or paths or whatever can be life-changing.

If I am looking for a great pair of running shoes and you sell a pair I have been thinking about and you show me why these shoes are just what I need, you have made a difference. Especially if those shoes make my feet not hurt and do what I need them to do.

Even though buying a pair of shoes might seem like a small thing, people are looking for things and that is why they shop with you. When you can show them the “correct” items to buy through choices, you have made a difference for them.

What if I am looking for something to help me make a decision for my life? Your friendship may help in unexpected ways.

On a personal note, I try to write all of my blog posts on my websites with the idea that I could be helping someone with an important decision. (Even if it is “just” which pressure cooker is the best one!)

I write them with the hope that they will lead the ones who read them to a deeper understanding of why we create websites and write blogs in the first place.

The Obvious

Yes, we sell our products to make money. For many of us, that is a primary intention. I am stating that when we sell with only that intention, it will come through in your life that you are doing this to make money and I am probably going to pass your store by on my way to one that sells with heart.

But if you sell shoes in such a way that I feel you are really trying to help me, I am WAY more likely to make a purchase.

The Not So Obvious

Taking a different path can be a difficult thing. There are sometimes obstacles in our way. There may be broken street lights. There may be unexpected turns. It might be a much longer path than the direct approach, but I truly believe that the not so obvious path is the better path.

Tying It All Up For Today

This lesson that I learned from The Matrix is probably one of the more “obvious” things in the movie. It is all about choices and paths. When we strike out on a different path than the obvious one, I think that is when we truly flourish!

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