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A Matter of Perspective

Who are you voting for?

The better question might actually be, what are you voting for?

If you watch or listen to political ads you know that you are really not voting for a person anymore, but for an idea.

We all want to have the best “idea” to represent us.

I will admit that I don’t vote on a party line. I never have. If the “idea” that the person represents appeals to me, I vote for them no matter what political affiliation they may have.

Maybe this is a “bad” thing. I don’t know and, honestly, I really don’t care.

Currently, I am so sick and tired of the back and forth rhetoric that I just want the election to be over!

One person says that the other person is lying. The other person says the same about their opponent! Someone is telling the truth. Maybe both. God help us if the candidates are all telling the truth. God help us in any case!

Jake Tapper said of the recent presidential debate, “That was a hot mess. Inside a dumpster fire. Inside a train wreck. That was the worst debate I have ever seen.”

A lot of commentators have weighed in on the debate and they all say pretty much the same thing.

It kind of scares me that one of these two people will be running the country. I have heard repeatedly that this election will once again be voting for the lesser of two evils.

I don’t know if that is best for our country. In fact, I am positive that is not what is best for our country.

Maybe we don’t need someone “nice” in the White House, but we surely need someone who is “nicer.” I’m not sure if any of the candidates fit.

As far as politics go, I am skeptical.

I don’t know how it all works, but I think some politicians go into this field with really great intentions of changing the world. It isn’t until they get into office that they come to discover that isn’t how it works.

You have to have this or that politician on your side if you want to get a bill introduced. You have to have this or that one on your side and have to back something they want to do—even if you don’t necessarily want to back that thing.

There are a lot of games played in politics. A person’s intentions may be marvelous, but once you get into the office and have to play the games with the “big boys” you can find yourself trapped in a maze from which there is no escape.

I am not entirely certain for whom I will vote in November. Most of the candidates scare me.

I guess I could just vote for our area candidates and leave the presidential part blank...

Who knows...maybe if everyone did that, the candidates would get their stuff together and start thinking and acting like adults who have the best interest of the public—all of the public—at heart.

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