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A Matter of Perspective

I have been asked repeatedly why sports continue when high school students are going to hybrid learning?

I am at a loss, personally.

I understand that sports are an important part of the school experience, but in these “unprecedented” times, do we risk our health? It may not even be the student-athlete that gets really sick. It could be their coach, their parents, their grandparents, their teachers...the list goes on.

If it is to the point that kids can’t be in school in-person for three days a week, does it then make sense that some of those kids will gather together to practice and play?

Do NOT get me wrong. I am all for sports and the teamwork and camaraderie, the skill-building and physical health that sports build. What I am NOT for is playing at the possible expense of others.

I am worried. Will an asymptomatic athlete cause an entire couple of schools to go to all distance learning?

Believe me, I want to see the kids play. They need this. We need this.

I think that if you have read my rants, you know I am of two minds as far as COVID-19 goes.

1. I think it is not as bad as it is made to appear.

2. I think it is far worse than we can even imagine.

I go back and forth on these two thoughts so imagine what life is like inside my head!

My biggest thought, though, is this: why take the chance?

I hope all of our teams have successful and safe seasons. They do deserve to play.



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