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A Matter of Perspective

Another National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) has arrived. I have another “novel” idea this year. The idea? To actually finish my book! This is the newest one I have been working on for about a year.

I have a title and about 5000 words written. I intend to have that number up over 7000 tonight.

I am also doing something I hope will be a success. By success, I mean that I will get it finished. If a few copies sell, that is just a bonus.

For me, writing has always been about telling a story. That is what most writing IS about.

Sometimes people ask me where I come up with my ideas.

My answer is simple: I have no idea. They just come to my mind. Sometimes it might be something my friends/family are talking about and I get an idea or a different take on what is the “same ole, same ole.” Other times it is just completely random.

I was talking with my cousin the other day. She is a life coach. She explained something to me that I never had thought about before (which will actually make a good novel, I think!).

She said that when we are in heaven and we want to share our gift with the earth, we ask God to send us.

We are born and the experiences we have on earth make it possible to tell our story in whatever way we choose to do that.

Maybe one person would become a life coach, another an author. Another might become a social worker or a psychologist or counselor. Some might become teachers.

Whatever it is that we are to tell, we are able to tell the story through our work.

I thought that was very interesting.

It kind of goes along with something Pastor Melissa told me several years ago.

She said that when we are in heaven, we know everything, but when we are going to the earth to be born, an angel puts their finger over our lips and says, “Shhhh, don’t tell.” She said that was what made that little indent over our top lip (just under our noses).

Perhaps this is the year that I will tell my story.

What is your story? When will you tell it?



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