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A Matter of Perspective

It was so weird not to cover any festivals this summer (especially after last summer). In fact, I didn’t even go to any festivals except the parade and fireworks for Clarissa’s event.

But, maybe not so oddly, I couldn’t stop myself from taking a few pictures of the parade and of the fireworks. I tried not to. I had only intended to take photos of the float that my granddaughter was on, but I just could not stop myself from taking photos of some of the others, as well.

During the fireworks, we drove around to get to the right place with a good view and I took photos then, too.

I guess after nearly 26 years of doing something you just find it hard to stop doing it.

I don’t take notebooks with me anymore either. If I do, I am tempted to take notes during my conversations with others.

I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but I am so used to keeping notes from the many meetings and stories that I have done that it has just become a habit to take notes all the time.

It gets a little weird, so I just quit carrying a notebook with me. I figure if I need to “jot” something down, I can do it on my phone.

Now I have something like 500 notes on my phone! There would be more, but I combined about 700 of them into one that I am compiling into a book, so...

I am attempting to enjoy the extra time I have this summer, but I don’t really know how to do that yet. I am so used to writing and taking photos for the newspaper that I just don’t know what to do with myself!

I wonder if this is kind of what happens when people retire? I mean, they do one set of things for their job for many years and then suddenly...something entirely different.

Our habits, daily and otherwise contribute to our identities. My habit of taking photos and writing stories will likely follow me until I die. I just don’t know how to stop.

This isn’t a habit that I started nearly 26 years ago, it is one that I started closer to 45 years ago.

That is when I first was encouraged by my 4th-grade teacher to write stories. I took off with writing at about age 10 and have been writing and dreaming up stories for years now. Most are fiction, but hundreds are non-fiction and I have been sharing them with you over the past 25 plus years with the newspaper!

I think this year is the “year of the story.”

Everyone is telling their story. It is refreshing to hear how others have struggled and overcome. It is interesting to hear and then retell these stories.

I hope to be telling your stories for many years to come. I hope to be telling my stories, as well.

Old habits...they truly do die hard.


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