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A Matter of Perspective

I have been having a series of very busy weeks lately. The days go so fast that they all seem to be running together and becoming one super-huge day!

Almost everyone I talk with has been saying something similar, like time is just rushing by.

I wonder what would slow that down for us?

Perhaps taking some of the busyness out of our daily lives would help? I don’t have the answer. It just seems to me that when I spend time with people, I don’t feel as rushed or as busy and time “seems” to move slower. When I am working or watching TV time appears to fly.

I know that sounds strange, but let me elaborate.

When I was a kid going to school, time dragged by. I would look at the clock during class and could not believe that the hands had only moved five minutes.

Now, I look at the clock on most days and wonder where the time went?

You know that feeling? Then, after you look at what you accomplished for the day, you wonder what you did?

It is like that for me.

This week truly was busy with serving as an election judge and still needing to get stories and other obligations taken care of.

Just so you know, the judging went fine. I worked with some good people (other judges) and together, I think we did okay! We only had 62 voters which is about an 18.96% turnout for the city of Clarissa. Countywide, the turnout was about 14.6%. Statewide, voter turnout was at 26.3%.

I’m not surprised. I am thinking that this election was quite a waste of time and money.

Elections are not cheap. You have all of the equipment that you must have as required by the State. Then you have the cost of the ballots and other voting supplies. Because no one really knew what the turnout would be for this election, the full amount of ballots had to be printed. The judges also get paid. Then there is the extra time the people at the county had to work to make sure everything the precincts did was accurate.

Well, anyway, that was busy.

Then I have been working on a story about the newest coronavirus—COVID-19. Trying to write about that is like trying to hit a target moving 500 miles per hour with a slingshot.

No one knows a lot about the virus or how it spreads—it seems like there are two “camps” emerging, one that says “don’t breathe” and the other that says “don’t touch.”

Personally, I am getting tired of holding my breath!

On one side of this issue, we are being told there is nothing to worry about. It’s just a little worse than a cold and you might not even know you have it. On the other side, we have people who are stocking up for the long haul to avoid getting sick and are planning to ride out the virus at home with their Winchester and their fully stocked shelves.

If you are nervous about getting the disease, I read today that the outbreaks have slowed way down in China...

One of the newsletters I still receive (after my massive downsizing a few weeks ago) is a religious one. The woman—Donna Partow—suggests that we pray.

Hmmmm....what a novel idea! Let’s fight a novel (new) disease with probably the only thing that can defeat it... prayer.



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