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A Matter of Perspective

As I was sitting, sipping on my morning coffee and contemplating what I was going to do with the next five minutes of my day, I couldn’t help but look out the window and admire the slowly falling rain.

I love the sound and smell of rain. The falling of each drop making its distinct sound until it becomes a chorus—no—a symphony of sounds.

When it hits the metal roofs...when it hits a window...and a blade of grass. The way it bounces off the trampoline as if were secretly enjoying it the way young children do.

As I sipped and listened I marveled at the quiet complexity of rain.

We use that water to keep our bodies alive and well. We use that water to feed our plants and animals. We use that water to bathe. We use that water for entertainment!

There are so many uses for water. We often take it for granted. At least I know I do. How many times have you taken longer than a 10-minute shower? Do you water your lawn?

There are so many ways we can conserve water and so many times that we should. I am not begrudging anyone the right to use water, but I think this summer’s drought has certainly given us a greater appreciation for the water we have.



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