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A Matter of Perspective

It doesn’t matter where you stand on the issue of COVID-19 vaccination, in someone’s eyes you will be wrong.

There have been so many fights and arguments and absolute hatred surrounding the issue of vaccination that it is ridiculous. Those who are for the vaccination give all their reasons for being pro. While those who are anti-vax return with their valid points.

Of course, you can’t hear most of the points from either side unless you happen to be fluent in screaming!

Even though I received the vaccination, I still go back and forth in my mind about whether it was the right choice. There are days I think that it was, but other days, I just think “what a waste of time and money.”

I don’t have any inside scoop on what the right choice is.

I wonder if there was this much dispute about the Polio vaccine or the Smallpox vaccine?

I wonder when the fighting will end? I wonder when COVID will be under control?

I would love to not have to wear a mask again. I hate wearing them mostly because when I do I get hot and then I start to cough.

I try to shrink away into nothingness when I cough nowadays. The funny thing is, I see other people do the same thing. We all seem so afraid of our own frailty that we would rather choke ourselves attempting to stifle a cough than to just cough and be done with it.

I have also heard people cough and then immediately follow up with “It’s not COVID.”

I have had several doctor appointments for myself and my dad in the past few weeks. I laugh to myself every time they ask if we have had any exposure to COVID?

Of course, we have had exposure. If we walked out of our house and communicated with other human beings (and certain animals, too, I am told), then “Yep. We have been exposed.” Maybe not knowingly, but undoubtedly exposure occurred!

Most of us are doing our best to stay healthy, some of us, not so much.

Winston Churchill once said, “The majority of the work is done by people who don’t feel very well.” (My rough paraphrase).

But these days, we are told to stay home if we don’t feel well. Perhaps that is why most of the work is not getting done?

I don’t have answers. I do have more questions.

One of my big questions is “When will we stop throwing money at our problems in an attempt to make them go away?”

My biggest question, though, is “When will we stop hating each other and using violence to attempt to fix it?”



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