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A once in a lifetime field trip

by Trinity Gruenberg

Verndale fourth graders were able to experience the great outdoors in a new light thanks to their teachers Angie Wallin and Angie Erickson.

The teachers presented the idea to the school board last spring and were given the green light to take their combined 28 students to Deep Portage Learning Center in Hackensack.

“Angie and I wanted to share our love for the great outdoors with our students,” said Wallin.

The school footed the bill for transportation but they had to fundraise for the $2000 needed for room, board, and the classes at the learning center. They worked concessions during the junior high volleyball games, held a school-wide fundraiser to pay $1 to wear a hat for the day, and received a donation from the PTA to make the trip possible.

The class read Hatchet by Gary Paulson to gear up for the trip as the students would soon learn some survival skills of their own.

They chose the Deep Portage Learning Center as both teachers had been there previously with different schools.

“We wanted to take them there to experience something else they’ve never experienced before, and it’s an opportunity to grow in ways they may not have in the classroom,” explained Wallin. . .



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