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Aksamit repurposing former bowling alley in Long Prairie

The former 8’s Bowling Pub & Grill in Long Prairie was purchased by Aksamit Transportation Inc. this past summer. The bowling alley closed its doors in June and held a closing sale in late July.

In case you were wondering what was going on with the former bowling alley in Long Prairie, wonder no more. Aksamit Transportation Inc., owner Mike Aksamit, answered a few questions about what he was doing with the building and accompanying land. “We purchased the building last August. To clarify—we purchased the building and land—we did not purchase the bowling alley business. The building was completely empty the day we purchased it. All of the equipment and items from the previous establishment were removed prior to our purchasing the building and land,” said Aksamit. While they do not plan to reopen the building as a retail establishment, it will not sit unused and empty. “We own the adjoining land which is where we operate our Long Prairie bus company from. Our Long Prairie terminal is in need of updating. We need a new drivers’ room, new meeting room, some offices, new bus and van storage, a new wash bay and a new maintenance location. Basically, we need a new location,” explained Aksamit.. . . .



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