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American Pickers stop in Wadena

The white Ford van with the Antique Archeology logo garnered buzz in Wadena as the American Pickers crew was at a home on Second Street Southwest.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Jeremy Umland of Verndale stopped and got a photo with American Pickers Mike Wolfe.

A white Ford van with an Antique Archeology logo on the sides parked on Second Street Southwest in Wadena caught the attention of the community on November 6.

Some passersby took the opportunity to get a photo with the van or its well known driver, Mike Wolfe, from the television show American Pickers.

Jeremy Umland of Verndale was one of the people to meet Wolfe who was checking out some items at a home at 422 Second Street Southwest. Umland said it was Wolfe’s 60th birthday and he saw him purchase some knick knacks and a Hamm’s Beer sign.

Vanessa Wahldahl and her son Zain also got a picture with Wolfe.

Wolfe had another stop to make, north of Wadena, and planned to return to their headquarters in Iowa and Nashville.

American Pickers follows collectors Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel the country to purchase “rusty gold.”



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