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Battle Point Park to host an open house

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Todd County Park and Trail Board has set an open house to be held at Battle Point Park on October 4.

Battle Point Park is located on Lake Osakis, in Gordon Township, and is the only county park in Todd County.

In 1866, Oliver H. Curtis became the owner of the Mc-Kensize claim in Gordon Township. He saw a war party of Sioux cross the lake to attack a band of Chippewa at Battle Point. The woods blocked his view of the fight, but he heard shouting and shooting. The Sioux were defeated.

Curtis learned of another battle at that point years prior to his arrival where the Sioux had suffered a bloody defeat after the Chippewa trapped them on the point. The Sioux had to swim to get away or cut through the Chippewa in an attempt to survive. This gave the point the name Battle Point.

Evidence recovered from the point showed many years of battles in that spot with the recovery of stone hammers, war axes, tomahawks, flint spears, and arrowheads.

Battle Point has been frequented by visitors and a lot of people have enjoyed camping and swimming there for many years. . .

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