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Bertha-Hewitt’s fitness center open to staff and students

by Trinity Gruenberg

The new fitness center addition to the Bertha-Hewitt School is already in use.

With a few minor items left to wrap up, the $1.4 million project is nearly complete. Student-athletes have begun to take advantage of the new facility.

An Olympic Weight System serves multi-functional purposes for weight lifting, pull-ups, shelving free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, and more. The system was painted in school colors with Bear Power etched in the metal and Bertha-Hewitt on the weights.

Several treadmills line the wall with a section of Astroturf that can be used to push sleds and run drills. A large interactive T.V. can be used for workout programs. A water fountain to fill water bottles is available, as well as red and blue monogrammed towels that can be used.

There is a multi-purpose area that can be sectioned off with a divider. This space is currently being used for wrestling practice.

The locker rooms, boys, girls, and staff, which will be used by officials, also feature outlets with USB ports that can be used to charge devices such as cell phones in their lockers. They plan to also have phone chargers available.

They have installed speakers and plan to have them Bluetooth accessible. . .


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