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Bertha-Hewitt School Board rejects four-day week application

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Bertha-Hewitt School Board held a special meeting on Wednesday, May 8, to make a decision on the four-day school week.

The board allowed 15 minutes for those in the audience to speak.

Teacher Brittani Oyster stated that the four-day school week would give them the edge in recruiting quality teachers for the district.

“There are 840 special ed openings, 140 music openings, and 120 English openings. I’m just a little concerned about that if we don’t put forward something that might attract other teachers to our building. We don’t have any sort of edge of any kind to attract these teachers here,” stated Oyster. “And I truly feel that this is the right move. And it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to move forward with getting our kids the best education that we possibly can as a teacher.”...



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