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Bertha-Hewitt School referendum forging forward: Drive up voting will take place April 14

The Bertha-Hewitt School is asking for a $1.995 million bond referendum for building projects to accommodate their growing student population. Enrollment has increased by 100 students since 2014. A building assessment was done and input was given by staff and students on how to best utilize the funds. They looked at needs over wants. The school board was looking at a few options: a bond for a roof project, a bond for what they are currently asking for or a bond for all of it. Ultimately, the board decided to pay the $1.8 million for the roof project which makes their current request more affordable for taxpayers. “With the school board paying for the roof out of our district funds and the state picking up nearly 40 percent of this project—there won’t be a better time to ask our taxpayers for help,” stated Superintendent Eric Koep. “We are struggling to meet the needs of our students because of lack of space and outdated classrooms.” The proposed projects include: . . . .

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