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Bertha School Board discusses back to school ideas

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Bertha-Hewitt School Board held a special meeting/work session on August 3 to discuss options for opening the school. The work session allowed the school board and those present to give their input before final plans are made.

“Whatever plan we develop, it’s not going to be 100 percent positive with everybody, but I hope that we as a staff can step up and do our best to create the best atmosphere possible under the circumstances,” shared Superintendent Eric Koep.

The school board has to submit their final plan to the state two weeks prior to the start of school. They will work over the next few weeks on different plans and pick one at the next school board meeting. This would include a plan to switch from full in-person to a hybrid model in 24 hours if need be.

Koep reviewed the survey that they posted online for parent feedback on what they would like to do this coming school year.

These new mandates come from the government, not the school. . . .



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