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BHVPP Raiders Back to Back 6A Champions, headed to State

Stats included...

by Coach Michael Arvidson

The Section 6A tournament started with a convincing win on Tuesday as BHVPP took care of Barnesville in the quarterfinals.

David Revering sparked the postseason with a pin. Deagen Captain earned a major decision. Aiden Larson picked up a decision and Reese Thompson nailed down a fall for the 19–0 lead. Justin Koehn and Matt Mensinger added forfeits while Jason Koehn snared the fall and Brock Peterson won a wild 19–18 decision to put the match at 40–0.

Barnesville picked up the win at 160, but the major decision defeat officially secured the victory for the Raiders.

Hunter Dean and Carter Rokes added forfeits in front of a decision from Gideon Ervasti. Jaden Finck grabbed a pin and Craig Orlando added a forfeit to finalize the dual at 67–4.

The semifinals matched us against the New York Mills Eagles. Revering started the Raiders quickly with a pin. Captain added a forfeit and Larson a pin for the 18–0 lead.

The Eagles battled to win four of the next five matches, with the exception of a decision from Jason Koehn, to bring the score to 24–21 NYM with six matches to go. However, the top of the lineup took care of business. . . .

Raiders Stats

BHVPP 67 vs. Barnesville 4

106-David Revering Fall Quincy Morey (BAR) 2:57

113-Deagen Captain Maj. Dec. Ayden Hauck (BAR) 12-1

120-Aiden Larson Dec. Dawson Gregg (BAR) 11-5

126-Reese Thompson Fall Will Rotz (BAR) 1:20

132-Justin Koehn received a Forfeit

138-Matt Mensinger received a Forfeit

145-Jason Koehn Fall Austin Bolgreen (BAR) 1:17

152-Brock Peterson Dec. Hunter Anderson (BAR) 19-18

160-Tanner Kadrmas (BAR) Maj. Dec. Mason Schroeder 13-3

170-Hunter Dean received a Forfeit

182-Carter Rokes received a Forfeit

195-Gideon Ervasti Dec. Brady Kroll (BAR) 5-3

220-Jaden Finck Fall Tobias Elliott (BAR) 2:52

285-Craig Orlando received a Forfeit

BHVPP 51 vs. NYM 24

106-David Revering Fall Nick Peters (NYM) 1:14

113-Deagen Captain received a Forfeit

120-Aiden Larson Fall Chris Yoder (NYM) 3:59

126-Dane Niemi (NYM) Fall Justin Koehn 2:56

132-Derrik Wegscheid (NYM) Fall Reese Thompson :42

138-Jason Koehn Dec. Jacob Guck (NYM) 9-3

145-Gabe Geiser (NYM) Fall Abby Ervasti 1:05

152-Logan Small (NYM) Fall Brock Peterson 2:53

160-Mason Schroeder Fall Bode Roberts (NYM) 1:08

170-Hunter Dean Dec. Bren Salo (NYM) 10-3

182-Carter Rokes Fall Jon Rinerson (NYM) 1:34

195-Gideon Ervasti Fall Alex Sandoval (NYM) 1:54

220-Jaden Finck Dec. Elliot Mann (NYM) 6-1

285-Craig Orlando received a Forfeit

BHVPP 39 vs. WCAABE 21

106-David Revering Maj. Dec. Adam Lohse (WCAABE) 13-5

113-Deagen Captain Maj. Dec. Hunter Gruchow (WCAABE) 12-4

120-Solomon Wales (WCAABE) Dec. Aiden Larson 5-3

126-Reese Thompson Dec. Ashton Danner (WCAABE) 7-4

132-Justin Koehn Fall Dierk Goeden (WCAABE) 2:50

138-Jason Koehn Dec. Anthony Sykora (WCAABE) 9-2

145-Kade Olson (WCAABE) Fall Abby Ervasti :58

152-Brock Peterson Fall Kaleb Getz (WCAABE) 1:07

160-Jordan Lohse (WCAABE) Tech Fall Mason Schroeder 5:19; 17-1

170-Nathaniel Kisgen (WCAABE) Maj. Dec. Carter Rokes 11-0

182-Colton Lindquist (WCAABE) Dec. Hunter Dean 7-4

195-Gideon Ervasti Maj. Dec. Deklin Goeden (WCAABE) 16-7

220-Jaden Finck Dec. Devin Stone (WCAABE) 5-1

285-Craig Orlando received a Forfeit



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