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Cat Tales

There was once a time I didn’t like working from home. It seemed like there were so many distractions and I felt like I couldn’t get anything done. After a few days I got into my groove and I’m enjoying it, probably too much. So are the cats. Some of the perks I’ve noticed is I get to sleep in, I don’t have to change out of my pajamas or wear make-up. I’m also saving money on gas since I only leave the house maybe once a week and I don’t go buy convenience food for lunch, as I only need to walk downstairs. I am also feeling more rested and focused since I’m not constantly running around. It’s going to be a little difficult to go back to normal once the virus passes. The cats have noticed I am always home now. Some enjoy it, some just don’t care. Bigfoot is happy because he is getting fed more, trying to get him to regain some weight while fighting bowel disease. He will follow me into the kitchen and will get fed pretty much every time. It makes the other cats jealous. When I’m not in my bedroom, Yeti likes to sleep in there either on my bed or on the bench. It is right across the hall from my home office. She often looks in like “Why are you still here?” and trots off to her napping spot. If I’m in my bedroom, she will go lay in the office window. I have a cat bed in the window of my office that is frequently used by Latté and Pumpkin. There is also another cat bed in the hall right outside the office door. That seems to be Mocha’s favorite spot. It’s like these three have to be near me at all times. After they’ve had their morning nap, the rotation begins. Mocha and Pumpkin have to walk in front of the computer screen and sit there. Sometimes they will crawl onto my lap, which is fine, or they start knocking stuff off my desk, which is not fine. Pumpkin has been the worst. She charges into the office meowing and circling my chair like a shark. If I can get her to lay in my lap, she doesn’t stay there long. She likes to headbutt which is a bit distracting when I’m trying to see what I’m doing. And she has a bad habit of chewing my pens. Pumpkin is the worst secretary. Then there’s the cat hair. So much cat hair. I’m constantly wiping down my desk and keyboard from their daily distraction attempts. And my poor pajamas just get covered in it from them laying in my lap. I wear compression gloves while typing, and they get it the worst. They have grips on them that just pick up all the hair. Lint rollers can only do so much. I can’t win. It’s not helping with my seasonal allergies either. They are cute and calming, but they are not the best “co-workers.” I also have to watch my coffee. Mocha likes my creamer. If I had to give them job titles, Pumpkin would still be the worst secretary, Latté would be the supervisor, Mocha is security, Bigfoot would be kitchen staff and Yeti would be upper management watching from a distance and judging you. Oh and Pepper, the dog, would be the loud co-worker that you try to avoid during lunch and the one who steals your lunch and is management’s favorite.



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