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Commissioners tour newly remodeled dispatch center

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners toured the newly remodeled dispatch center and the soon to be remodeled jail kitchen during their work session on August 9.

Sheriff Mike Carr Jr. explained while the dispatch is small, they utilized the available space.

There are two units in the center. Dispatchers spend much of their time sitting behind the desk, in 12 hour shifts, and have upgraded their chairs for comfort with massage capabilities. The desks can also be adjusted for height so dispatchers could stand if they wish.

They also have adjustable heat and air for each unit.

The night shift likes a different ambiance. They have a blue LED light strip around the ceiling, giving the shifts the option of typical lighting or the cool blue.

They also reduced the amount of screens for security cameras to one large one as they also manage the jail.

The dispatch center manages all 911 calls in the county.

The board approved $56,000 for the remodel. The equipment purchased is made to last and will serve the county for many years to come.

The tour included the booking area. . .


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