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Community goes green for Verndale seniors

A father’s frustration led to a green glow from the neighborhood in support of Verndale’s Class of 2020.

Verndale Senior Katie Umland posed with a green light in front of her home shining brightly to recognize the senior class.

Jeremy Umland, whose daughter Katie is graduating this year, was becoming frustrated with the school district as it appeared to him no steps were being taken to honor the graduating class like some of the neighboring schools have done. Unknown to Umland at the time, the school was planning a big surprise for the seniors. Umland and Katie discussed what they could do and came up with the idea of green porch lights to recognize the seniors. Another bit of information the Umlands were unaware of was at a previous school board meeting during a discussion to light the football field for the #BeTheLight movement, Superintendent Paul Brownlow had kicked around the idea of green porch lights as well. . . . .



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