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COVID-19 updates from the Governor

Governor Walz has signed an executive order expanding allowable outdoor recreational activities, allowing Minnesotans to enjoy the outdoors close to home while following social distancing guidelines. Executive Order 20-38 allows Minnesotans to engage in a range of activities, including boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, and golfing as long as they follow new outdoor recreation guidelines. These guidelines include: • Maintaining 6-foot social distancing • Avoiding crowded areas, and • Staying close to home This measure will allow Minnesotans to take advantage of more opportunities to get outside, while still doing their part to keep their neighbors healthy. Mental health The Governor announced a mental health page to make it easier for folks who may need help to reach out. This is a difficult time for all of us–we are isolated from people we love, our schedules are disrupted, and we may feel alone. Mental health providers are open and taking visits through telehealth. For essential personnel like health care workers and first responders, the Minnesota Psychiatric Society, the Minnesota Psychological Association, the Minnesota Black Psychologists, and Mental Health Minnesota have collaborated to create a free telephone support service accessible at with psychiatric and mental health services and real-time Substance Use Disorder Treatment program openings. Additional resources: • Text MN to 741 741 at any point and someone will be in touch with you. • Or call **CRISIS Community resiliency A Community Resiliency and Recovery Work Group has been formed. The group will ensure that the needs of Minnesotans from communities that have historically been more likely to suffer financially and physically from public health crises will be centered in the state’s policy making, communications, and outreach. As part of this work, the Governor announced a new page on the COVID-19 website that displays how the pandemic is affecting people of color, Indigenous people, immigrants and refugees in Minnesota.


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