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Creating a RIPL effect across the country

Ben Rudrud, founder of RIPL, held a student assembly at Bertha-Hewitt School on October 9 to share the message of building relationships to create a happy, healthy environment at school.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Providing concrete tools for schools to use to help prevent violence is why (RIPL) Relational Impactful Preventative Leadership was created in 2018 when Ben Rudrud noticed the need.

Scott Doss and Ben Rudrud.

Rudrud, a former police officer, approached Scott Doss, Pillager School principal, and asked him to quit his job and join in this endeavor to impact more lives across the country. Doss agreed.

The RIPL team includes Doss’ 33 plus years in education, Rudrud’s over 10 plus years in law enforcement, a mental health consultant with over 40 years experience, nationally recognized speakers, educational experts and over a dozen team members to create the very best training.

Student assemblies are part of the RIPL interaction. Above, Bertha-Hewitt teachers and students raced each other on scooters.

The RIPL team is designed to bring the knowledge and skills to schools to help create a safe and healthy environment. On the RIPL training website, there are many quotes and testimonials from educators who have been part of the training. Superintendents, principals, teachers, and school staff members from across the state have hailed the training as some of the most powerful and impactful they have ever been introduced to. . . . .



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