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Creepy fun for Halloween

by Karin L. Nauber

Brian Bentz of rural Browerville loves Halloween. He loves it so much that for the past few years he has been decorating his family’s yard with a variety of Halloween decor.

Brian, who lives with his parents, Bruce and step-mom Jean, works for S.T.E.P. in Browerville and dedicates a part of his paychecks to buying both Halloween and Christmas decorations to fill up the family yard during those holidays.

This year the Halloween decor includes 79 inflatables that he and his dad put out into the huge yard over the course of a few days.

From a crew of fun dragons to a huge 20-foot cat, there are witches and goblins and skeleton crews along with characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Beetlejuice” just to name a few.

There are animated and light-up inflatables and others that the Bentz’s use spotlights to draw attention to them.

There are tombstones with funny sayings such as, “He loved bacon” or “Ben Better.”

Bruce said that the best time to come out to see the display is just before it turns dark, that way you can see the lights and still see the spooky stuff!

“Brian enjoys doing this with his dad. But when he heard about how much joy it brings to others in the community, he wanted to keep adding to it,” noted Jean.

And add to it he does.

You can see the display at the Bentz home at 26454 County 18.



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