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Crews pour 1500 cubic yards of concrete on Highway 10

Above; Crews used a Power Screed to level a layer of concrete as they repaved the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 71.

It’s been eight weeks since crews began digging deep below the surface of Highway 10. So far, they have installed all the underground utilities. This includes new storm and sanitary sewer, gas, and water main pipes deep beneath the road. Currently, traffic has been shifted onto the westbound side of Highway 10.

Currently, they are repaving the eastbound lanes. Crews were planning to wrap up the work by the end of the week, pending good weather.

The new concrete road surface will require a few days to cure before crews can begin to shift traffic to that side. Please use caution in the area as trucks will be hauling materials in and out.

Both lanes of Highway 10 traffic remain shifted onto the westbound side of the road as crews reconstruct the eastbound side. In mid-June traffic will shift to the eastbound side of Highway 10.

The schedule is based on good weather conditions, of course.

Wadena is open! Access to businesses and residences will remain open, however, expect some changes.

Visit the Highway 10 Wadena project website and sign up for updates at



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