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Dan’s Prize announces return of furloughed team members

Dan’s Prize, LLC announced on June 5 it has begun contacting all of its 197 temporarily furloughed team members and expects to have them back to work within the next three weeks. They employ approximately 530 people.

“As the food service industry begins to recover, we are welcoming all of our team members back. A large portion of our team has returned and we expect others to be back in the next several days,” said Jeff Tobak, president of Dan’s Prize.

“We have a great group of inspired people and it has been very difficult for all of us to have some of our team members temporarily away from work. We are especially proud of the fact that the length of the furlough was short and that we can provide some certainty in at least one area to our team members.”

The company is bringing back its furloughed members just a few weeks after the initial furlough began on May 4. Everyone who was temporarily furloughed received company health benefits for the duration of the furlough.



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