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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, March 13, 1947

•The Verndale High School basketball team coached by Earl Seaton Jr., runners-up in the sub-district tournament for the past three years and championship crown holders of the sub-district five times out of the past 12 years, were defeated in the finals on Friday night at Staples by Sebeka 34-29. It’s the second sub-district championship for Sebeka, having won before in 1939, the year Verndale ceded directly into the district tournament.

• Mrs. Vern Lepper, a postal clerk in the Verndale post office, suffered painful injuries last Friday morning when she slipped on the ice and fell, fracturing one of her ankles in two places and dislocating it. Mrs. Lepper was on her way home from the post office for breakfast after helping sort the morning mail when it happened. Just how long her injuries will confine her to her home is unknown at this time. Mrs. Clayton Kopp, substitute clerk in the Verndale office, will fill Mrs. Lepper’s vacancy until she is able to return to work.

•Don. H. Peterson who resides on the place known as the Craigie farm one mile east of Verndale is having an auction sale of his personal property next Monday, March 17. For further particulars and a complete list see another page of this issue.

40 Years Ago, March 18, 1982

•Kimberly Falk and Roger Olson, speech teachers, and three students explained the speech program and demonstrated their talents at Monday evening’s meeting of the Verndale PTA. “Being able to speak and being skilled at speaking are two different things,” said Mrs. Falk as she told the goals of the program. It provides an opportunity for students to make a commitment and follow it through. It also develops good listening habits. There are 11 categories in public speaking.

•Countdown to the Great Balloon Race begins at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, March 23. Miss Arlene Ferrian, principal of Verndale Elementary School, will launch 215 helium-filled balloons as part of the nationwide Writing Pals Balloon Contests sponsored by Weekly Reader, the classroom paper. A message attached to each balloon explains the project and asks that the reader return it to the Verndale Elementary School. Weekly Reader will present a $500 prize to the school that gets back the message that has traveled the farthest distance.

•Eight Weblos departed from Verndale late Friday afternoon for Little Falls where they took part in a weekend camp-out at Camp Ripley. They were among 1059 other scouts from five districts that took part in such activities as silk screening tee shirts, checker and chess tournaments, studying Indian lore, broomball, snow sculptures, pinewood derby races, rock building contests, taxidermy, reptile gardens, movies, cross country ski races and much more. Some were canceled due to the wet, extremely windy weather. Those attending were Doug Masog, Leader Marilyn Neuerburg, Cubmaster Darlene Willis, Troy Bounds, Mike Heib, Jason Neuerburg, Loren Horsager, Mark Nielson, Leader Charlotte Nielson, Al Terveer and Brent Willis.

15 Years Ago, March 14, 2007

•The public is invited to the Wadena County Dairy Princess/Junior Dairy Princess coronation and dinner. This will be held Saturday, March 17 at the Pine Cove Inn. Princess candidates are: Kelsie Trosen, Michelle Trout, Rayshe Horstmann, Rebecca Malone, Becky Richter and Kristin Malone.

•The seventh graders in Mr. Hinkle’s third hour teamed up with Mrs. Veronen’s kindergarten class to send messages of thanks to soldiers serving in Iraq. Specialist Brett Willhite, Mrs. Carr’s nephew, sent his aunt a letter to read about what the troops are doing in Iraq. For a Valentine’s surprise, the students in Verndale made Valentine’s to share with Brett’s unit.

•Senior Shane Fink scored his 1000th point on Tuesday, March 6, at home against Parkers Prairie. Shortly after his feat, an announcement was made and Fink received the game ball.



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