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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, April 10, 1947

•Rev. A. Frinke, Verndale, has been appointed to the state-wide public contact committee for the Lutheran Centennial Celebration (Missouri Synod) to be held at the Minneapolis Auditorium Sunday, May 4, it was announced today by Martin H. Imm, president of the Lutheran Business and Professionals Group of the Twin Cities.

•The meeting of The Boy Scouts was called to order by Alan Dalen, the election of officers was held. They are as follows: Jr. Assistant Scout Master, Myron Aldrich; Senior Patrol Leader Roland Anderson, Reporter Alan Dalen, Patrol Leaders Wayne Kopp and Richard Grewe, Assistant Patrol Leaders Billy Fischer and Billy Desrocher, Official Bugler Jimmy Lepper, Quartermaster Jimmy Lepper and Robert Denniston.

•Not all old-age assistance recipients will have their grants increased under the new law passed by the legislature last week, the Wadena County Welfare Board announced yesterday. According to Clayton L. Carver, county executive secretary, the new law boosts the maximum payments permitted but does not necessarily affect individual grants. Old age assistance maximums are raised from $40 to $50 a month, and aid to dependent children was raised to $50 for the first child and $20 for the second and $15 for each additional.

40 Years Ago, April 15, 1982

•Incumbent Russell Birch is thus far the only person indicating a desire to run for a post on the Verndale School Board. His term and that of Earl Flores expire June 30 this year. Flores has stated that he will not run again. Applications are being accepted at the school office. The filing deadline is April 27.

•Despite the wet, frozen ground, a grass fire at the Willys Bounds home in Bullard Township Tuesday afternoon, spread toward the house and burned grass from the area. Thinking the fire was out, the Bounds planned to go to Brainerd, but because Mrs. Bounds had a headache, she decided to lie down. She first smelled burning rubber and then detected smoke coming from the basement, so she called the fire department. The grass fire had burned through the frame of a basement window and ignited timber, insulation and other small items inside. The damage was minor.

•Enjoying the fruits of their labor are fourth graders from Mrs. Dyer’s room, who prepared a Type A lunch on March 22, with the help of one of Mrs. Derby’s Home Ec cooking classes. They enjoyed a Mexican dinner consisting of tacos, refried beans, taco chips, apple sauce, sandwiches and milk. They found that tacos provide a well-balanced meal when lettuce, tomatoes and cheese are added.

15 Years Ago, April 11, 2007

•On Tuesday, March 15, while most of us were sleeping, 48 local students, chaperones, parents and relatives loaded a bus at 3 a.m., to go to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Soon, they would begin their 10-hour flight to London, the first destination on their whirlwind trip to Europe. Between March 16 and March 26, the group traveled to six countries in Europe including England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. Four of the students were Verndale’s own Reba Greer, Brenda Roth, Megan VanRoekel and Tina Albin. All seniors. The girls had this opportunity through their Spanish class taught by Marilyn Carver.

•The BHV wrestling team gave retiring head coach Steve Techam a gigantic bag of popcorn as a going away gift. Techam has a great love of popcorn. Ethan Kern spoke at the banquet about what a “Class Act” Techam is and how much he will be missed by the entire team.

• It has been brought to our attention that the Verndale Sun originated much before the year 1965. The Verndale Sun was founded by J.W. Speelman in 1894 and then sold in 1895 to H.M. Henderson. We have corrected this mistake on our front page. From now on, our logo will now say “Verndale Sun, shining brightly since 1894.”



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