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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, June 26, 1947

•Monday night at 7:30 p.m., all citizens of Verndale are asked and urged to be at the mass meeting in the high school auditorium for the purpose of learning just what the proposed city water system will cost each individual, how it will be paid and the benefits it will have for all residents of Verndale. In all fairness to yourself and everyone else whether you are in favor of the city water system or not, or are in doubt, go to this meeting and learn all about the particulars from men who will know all the answers.

•Clarence Horn, who has been the owner of the Verndale Food Market and locker plant for the past two years and 10 months, sold his place on Wednesday of this week to Arnold J. Voelk of Aldrich. Mr. Voelk is to take possession of his new business today, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Horn have not stated just what their plans are for the future.

•Miss Rose A. Kelly, who has been the Verndale Sun’s ambitious, witty, humorous and interesting correspondent of the Aldrich news for many years, informs us this week that due to ill health, she wishes to resign from this work. Mrs. A.P. Lindblom, who wrote for Miss Kelly while she was away the past winter, will again shake up the news writing of Aldrich for the Sun.

40 Years Ago, July 1, 1982

•This area was hit hard by an electrical storm that dumped from one and a half to two inches of rain in the area last week Wednesday. The hardest hit was Florian Schmidt, who farms almost five miles south of Verndale on Todd County Road 23. He lost four cows, four springing heifers due in July and a bull each valued in the neighborhood of $1000. His son Keith, a partner in the business, took a close look at one of the victims which had been grouped together under a tree in the pasture and had apparently been struck by lightning.

•Merle P. Larson, president of the First National Bank of Bertha, and Carl V. Lind, president of the First National Bank of Verndale, announced this week that the stockholders of their respective banks have agreed to a merger of the two banks. Under the merger plan, both banks would continue to operate as full-service banks and there would be no change in personnel except Lind will be retiring from active management after 46 years in the banking business.

•This year’s souvenir button features an early picture of Verndale’s First National Bank, the oldest in Wadena County, which is presently observing its 100th year of continuous operation. To launch the button sales, co-chairperson of Strawhat and Sunbonnet Days Joyce Winterfeld, pins the first one on the shirt of Larry Hahn, vice president of the bank.

15 Years Ago, June 27, 2007

•Dave Quincer, owner of the Cozy Theater in Wadena, knows a thing or two about the movie theater business. His family has owned the Cozy Theater since 1923 and they also used to own the drive-in theaters in Wadena and Perham. About a year ago, Quincer decided to put a third screen in the Cozy Theater, after adding a second in 1996. Quincer knew this would be a great move. Construction started on February 5 and the third theatre equipped with stadium seating opened on May 18.

• Thanks to a grant, the Wadena County Sheriff’s Department recently bought a new Kawasaki LX Ultra jet ski for a dollar. The jet ski retailed for $8999 at Bristow’s of St. Cloud, but because of the grant money the department received, they only had to pay one dollar.

•The Verndale Legion Baseball Team had two games last week. On Monday, June 18, they faced off with Bertha-Hewitt and came up very short. With Cole Weber as the losing pitcher, he pitched five innings, had two strike outs, 4 hits, 6 runs and 6 walks. Matt Moenkedick pitched two innings of the game. Brandon Cottrell went 2-4, and overall Verndale had five hits for the game.



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