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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, June 24, 1948

• The Ranchers moved into the softball lead as they won games from the Butchers and the Champs during the past week. Milton Brown turned back the Butchers 9-2 on Friday evening and the Ranchers rallied to top the Champs 13-11 on Monday. In Friday’s game, Willie Seaton led the Ranchers’ hitting attack with a home run, double and single in four trips, while Milton Brown limited the Butchers to five safeties.

• At a meeting held for that purpose Monday evening, the Village Council examined the bids submitted by the Lane Minnesota Co., and Fairbanks Morse Co., for the furnishing of all labor, material and equipment for a deep well turbine pump and awarded the contract to the Fairbanks Morse Company for a bid of $2110.45.

• The Oakes Construction Company of St. Paul started its paving job last Saturday morning on Highway 10 between Verndale and Wadena. The project has been hampered by the many rains we have had during the last few days.

40 Years Ago, June 22, 1983

• Verndale students won the majority of prizes in the recent poster contest conducted by the Wadena Soil and Water Conservation District. Mike Tarrell won first place and his entry was sent to the state competition at Fergus Falls. Winners there will have their posters displayed in the Soil and Water Conservation booth at the State Fair. Also placing first was the mural with those also contributing: Roxanne Adams, Dustin Kern, Ben Heller, Peggy Fisher, Missy Notch, Michelle Hieb, Valorie Gatto, Suzanne Shively, Kim Wiese and Jim Carlson. Honorable mention winners were Kari Bounds, Angie Koons, Tiffany Anderson and Jennifer Miller. All received checks of various amounts for their efforts and a job well done.

• Bids ranging from $19,876 down to $2700 were received last week Monday by the school board for repairs to the brick work on the school building. They varied as to the work to be completed such as washing down the entire wall, which some said was a necessity, to caulking windows. Some said their bids allowed for unforeseen work which often occurs in work such as that bid upon. The board moved to accept the bid of Robert Maeir of Fargo for $9800.

• Midget Little League Baseball members are: Scott Seaton, Jim Carlson, Troy Bounds, Roger Denny, Randy Denny, Steve Carlson, Shane Birch, Don Campbell, Jon Schereck and Dean Fisher. As of this week, they have a 2-1 record.

15 Years Ago, June 26, 2008

• Joe Perish started to hunt bear in 1994. Since that time he has harvested 11 bears, he gave away one and sold three. Joe says it takes a year to have a bear made up into a rug or a body mount. Dewey’s Taxidermy in Wadena worked on all his bears. It is a surprise to see the differences and individuality each bear has, some big, some small, different colored claws, cute faces and really scary faces. Last year Joe shot what is called a burgundy bear. The bear has an unusual color with deep burgundy fur and almost purple claws.

• The 2008 President’s Award for Educational Excellence to recognize academic success in the classroom went to: Miranda Miller, Angela Schmitz, Alexandra Schluttner, Jordan Schwanke, Haylea Kern, Jessica Borstad and Eric Blaha.

• Congratulations to the Verndale J.O. 15s Volleyball Team. They traveled to Melrose May 18 and took the championship title. The girls played outstanding and worked hard as a team to capture first place. The team includes: Kayla Graba, Jamie Kern, Jordanna Schluttner, Ashley Richter, Megan Richter, Amanda Dailey, Codi Weeks, Coach Mattson and Elizabeth Johnson.



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