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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, August 12, 1948

• The Verndale Public School will provide free instruction to pupils who have band instruments and are interested in playing in a beginner's school band to be organized immediately after school opens on September 7. Children in grades fifth through ninth are especially encouraged to join the new band. However, this does not exclude pupils in lower grades or senior high school if they are interested.

• The Woltz Studio, of Des Moines, Iowa, has announced the prize winners of their photo contest held in Verndale several weeks ago. The first prize winner is Mary Ann Braith of Verndale; second prize, Judith Ann and Jackie Friedeli of Aldrich; third, Gary Weber of Verndale, and fourth, David Pundt of Verndale. The prize winning photos are on display at the Verndale Farm Store.

• Charles Juergens, 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Juergens of Verndale, had a narrow escape from serious or fatal injury on Sunday morning. Charles, who was learning to ride a bike, was riding in the street near the Clarence Anderson residence as Mr. and Mrs. James Thom came along with their car. Charles, we were informed, swerved with his bike and ran into the car. He was thrown from his bike and was dazed or unconscious for a time. Rol Anderson took him to the Bertha Hospital with his father and he was x-rayed and put under observation. Luckily, he escaped with only a bump on his head.

40 Years Ago, August 10, 1983

• Winners of the costume contest sponsored by the Verndale Historical Society were Davin Anderson of Coon Rapids, Judy Schultz, Orlet Larson (Honorable Mention) and Shari Bobie, all of Verndale. Judging was completed on the street during the morning kiddie parade. That afternoon winners rode on the historical society float in the grand parade, along with Senior Citizens King and Queen Lee and Sue Sowder.

• Church entries in this year’s parade were by St. Jubert’s Catholic Church of Blue Grass (first place winner), the Assemblies of God (second place winner) and the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

• Tim Fiskal of Evansville posed by the car his mother drove during his run across Minnesota this past few weeks to help people become aware of the needs of the Mental Health Association. They stopped for breakfast in Verndale on Sunday morning. Then they ran beyond Aldrich, then hopped into the car in order to be on time for an interview in Staples, then returned to Verndale for Mayor Louise Otremba’s signature on his log—the only woman mayor he had encountered.

15 Years Ago, August 14, 2008

• Arnie Knizle is a dairy farmer turned artist. He spends several months in Texas. Four years ago Arnie helped some men put up an addition to a building. The men he helped play boccie ball every day before they go to work, turning wood. Arnie was asked to join them, not only in boccie ball but also turning wood bowls. Arnie has been turning wood now for the past four years. When he learned to do it, he didn’t know he had an eye for the artistic. He soon discovered he had something special, making wooden miracles by combining different woods.

• The Old Timers game is an annual event held during Strawhat and Sunbonnet Days. Even though they call themselves the Old Timers, their show of spirit seemed timeless. To start the game, Elmer Wiese and Florian Schmidt presented the colors on the pitching mound during the National Anthem. What they may or may not have lacked in agility, they made up for in just plain fun. The game was entertaining to watch. Who said you have to be a kid to play games?

• Mark Callahan didn’t build a theater. He built a little house of make-believe for his grandchildren. Even though it is for the grandkids, any child who enters gets to put their hand in paint and leave a print on the wall along with their name and date. Mark and Joani Callahan take great pride in their miniature house. It is complete with a kitchen and a table that connects to a playground that comes equipped with swings and a slide.



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