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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, August 2, 1945

• Sgt. Greg Callahan, son of Mrs. and Mrs. T.F. Callahan of Verndale, who has been in the thick of the European fighting and is now stationed in Berlin, is wearing five Campaign Stars, the Bronze Star and also has the coveted Belgium Citation. The second Armored Division was the only outside unit to receive the Belgium Citation. Greg received the Bronze Star for the battle of the Ardennes last winter. In a recent letter to his folks, Greg told them that his points totaled up to 84, and that his brother, Jerome, who is also stationed over there, has 100 points.

• George N. Breher, veteran of World War I, has been selected by the board of county commissioners for the position of Wadena County Service Officer and enters upon his new duties on August 1.

• War Ration Book Five, ‘smaller than a dollar bill,’ containing just half as many stamps as the last book issued, will be distributed through the public schools in December announced Chester Bowels, Administrator of the OPA. At the same time the new ‘A’ Gasoline Ration Book will be issued.

40 Years Ago, July 31, 1980

• Even a refrigerated truck has been pressed into service by L.G. Rasmussen of Bluffton to help fill the demands of drought-stricken farmers in northwestern Minnesota and the Dakotas for hay. A crew of five were loading hay at the Marvin Schmitz farm just west of town. Schmitz is selling from his first crop of hay, over and above what he will need for his own livestock.

• Florence Bounds has a keepsake photo which was taken while enroute home on May 18 from visiting her sister and family, the Matt Pickars at Hoquiam, Washington. She was flying about 2000 feet up when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted and she had a “bird’s eye” view and took a picture with a small Instamatic pocket camera through the window of the plane. Since her return, relatives have sent her a necklace with a small vial containing some of the volcanic ash. The flight was the last through that air lane until Mt. St. Helen’s settles down.

• At 8 a.m. on Thursday, on County Road 4, about three miles north, Mark Christianson was driving a pickup and struck the rear of a wagon being pulled with a tractor, driven by Bob Sommars. Both are from Verndale and were driving in a westerly direction. Traffic was blocked for a time as the contents of the wagon spilled over the roadway. Both the wagon and pickup were damaged in the collision, according to a report from officials investigating the accident. There were no injuries.

15 Years Ago, August 4, 2005

• Long-time Verndale residents Marvin and Mary Runyan were chosen as the 2005 Senior King and Queen. The Runyans have lived in the community since September of 1958 when they purchased a farm south of town. Marvin and Mary dairy farmed for approximately 42 years. They have five children: four daughters and one son. The daughters all chose to be teachers. Their son continues to farm with them. They are the proud grandparents of 13 grandchildren.

• Leland and Naomi Moyer were chosen to lead the 2005 Grand Parade at the Strawhat and Sunbonnet Days. The Moyers moved here from Champlin. Leland was a crane operator for 36 years. Naomi was a controller for a manufacturing firm. The family roots are in Verndale for Leland. He graduated from Verndale High School. His mother, Pearl, lives right down the street from them. They provide care for Pearl who will be 96 in January. The couple has five children: four boys and a girl. They are also the grandparents to six grandchildren.

• On August 5, the American Legion Team will take on the Bison. During the game, the Baseball Association will be serving supper, consisting of corn on the cob and sloppy joes. The proceeds will go to replace the backstop at Anderson Park. The Old Timers game will begin at 7 p.m. Teams will consist of Verndale Alumni including the following: Mike Mahlen, Lee Denny, Mark Callahan, Dan Carr, Mike Carr, Bob Carr, Dick Finck, Armond Swanson, Baldy Waldahl, Jim Waldahl, Larry Pilgrim, Jim Carr, Jim Bach, Dale Schmith, Brad Stinar, Willis Weber, Steve Riewer, Byron Hartung, Mikey Stokes, Jim Runyan, Brad Kempe, Wayne Mills, Tory Mills, Brad Schmidt, Jack Kern, Bill Blaha, Greg Johnson, Dan Johnson, Paul Seaton, Tim Seaton and Sam Seaton.

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