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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, September 27, 1945

•Pfc. Donald Manska, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Manska, arrived home Saturday from somewhere in the Pacific on a seven-day furlough. Donald has been in service since January 25, 1942. He will leave home again on Wednesday of this week for Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, where he expects to get his discharge.

•The meeting of the Lone Pine Patrol was called to order by Jeanne Johnson. Laws were given by all, roll call taken and dues collected. Old and new business was discussed. Forget-Me-Not sales were very good. They totaled $33.87, which was very good. We are all looking forward to next Tuesday because we receive our tenderfoot pins.

•According to a news bulletin, Sgt. Joe Weber was scheduled to land at New York City on Monday. He had been serving in France. His mother, Mrs. Josephine Weber, and other relatives are expecting him home this week.

40 Years Ago, September 25, 1980

•The construction crew laying the new water main, joining the new well to the existing system, anticipated having to pump underground water for a distance of at least 1000 feet, so they could proceed with the project. Workmen are pictured attaching more footage to the pipes to be used across County Road 4. Also pictured is the water already being pumped into Reul’s pond from below the surface north of the road.

•Queen candidates Dawn Christenson and Donna Lovelace look on as the crown is placed on the head of Jan Horsager, identifying her as Verndale’s new homecoming queen. Jan received the royal robe and a bouquet of flowers and then was escorted in the procession by Bill Blaha.

•Sixth graders with their teachers Roger Olson and Lyle Krogstad scoured the ditches north and south of Verndale in search of aluminum cans which they are collecting to help defray the extra costs of their annual trip to Minneapolis and St. Paul in May.

15 Years Ago, September 29, 2005

•Zach Carrick welcomed his dad to the classroom with a big hug and a smile. Zach’s schoolmates were impressed when they noticed the Army uniform. Pfc. Chad Carrick came to school on a special assignment: to read the story “The Flying School Bus” to Mrs. Hosmer’s kindergarten class. Before the story was read, Mr. Carrick explained that he would be “going across the seas to Iraq.”

•Former classmates at the Verndale School have been deployed this month. Bart Ludlow, who is with the Marines, is being sent to Djibauti. He flies helicopters and will be stationed on a Navy ship. Bryan Jacobson is with a Special Securities operation of the Naval Reserve. He is going to Bahrain. Bart is the son of Barb Ludlow. Bryan is the son of Bill and Ruby Jacobson. Each is married and has one son.

•The Verndale Pirates traveled to Eagle Bend on Friday night. The game started with the Rebels scoring in the first quarter with a one-yard run by Aaron Gabler. The Pirates came back hard with an 18-yard run by Jake Seaton for a touchdown and a run made by Sam Moenkedick, bringing the first quarter score to 8-6.



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