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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, November 22, 1945

•The annual village election will be held on Tuesday, December 4, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Offices to be filled at this time are: mayor for two years, one trustee for three years and treasurer for two years. J.J. Waterhourse has filed for re-election as mayor and E.W. Orr has filed for re-election as treasurer. As of this printing, no filing has been made for trustee.

•A fire alarm went off on Saturday afternoon for a fire at the Waterhouse Implement Co. garage. The fire started from a can of oil and gas that were ignited from sparks caused by an emery wheel. The biggest factor in stopping the fire so readily was Eddie Stigman’s quick thinking to carry the burning can outside. Eddie, however, received a badly burned hand but averted a much worse fire.

•The meeting of the Girl Scouts was called to order by Patrol Leader Joan Weber. Lela Mack was absent. The Girl Scout promise and laws were given. Roll call was taken and dues collected. Old and new business was discussed. Lucille Desrocher was selected to sell popcorn on Friday night, Rozella Smith on Saturday night and Agnes Weber on Sunday afternoon.

40 Years Ago, November 20, 1980

•Postmaster Duane Davis taped up the front door of the post office Monday morning in an effort to keep it intact until a replacement was mounted. The local police department, which is investigating the incident, reported that it appeared to have broken when hit by a pellet from a BB gun sometime Sunday afternoon or evening. In a similar incident shortly after 8 p.m. on Monday, Ray Ismil, who farms on the southwest edge of Verndale, was seated in the living room of his home when he heard an unusual sound at the window. Upon investigation, he found that the panes of both the window and storm window had been pierced by a BB pellet which he found lying on the floor. This incident was reported to the Wadena County Sheriff’s Department which is still under investigation.

• Twelve girls took part in the investiture ceremony as they became Junior Girl Scouts in Troop 64 after school on Monday. They are Terry Derby, Rhonda Colby, Donna Goeden, Dana Davidson, Yvette Cypher, Brenda Goddard, Connie Lovelace, Bridget Perish, Heidi Hackett, Mary Joe Wutzke, Cami Moyer, Cathy Radniecki and Synette Plautz.

•Five returning lettermen will form the nucleus for the Verndale Pirates as they begin their season this Saturday with a jamboree at Staples. The lettermen are: Todd Pilgrim Bill Blaha, Jeff Paulsen, Glen Goddard and Ken Kneisl. Coach Byron Hartung reported that twenty-seven players reported for practice on Monday, November 17.

15 Years Ago, November 24, 2005

•The 2005 football awards included: Pheasant All-Conference Josh Kern, Pheasant Honorable Mention, Sam Moenkedick and Jake Seaton. All Section 4, nine-man: Sam Moenkedick and Josh Kern; Lineman, Josh Kern; Most Improved Player, John Kempe; Pirate Award, Collin Cottrell; Most defensive points, Josh Kern, 90; most quarterback sacks, Josh Kern, 41-2. Captains for 2006: Josh Kern, Jake Hauer and Dan Adamietz.

•The senior center celebrated the November birthdays on November 17. They were: Mary Ann Schmoll, Mary Horsager, Agneta Wright, Vi Damann, Helen Apel, Wilbur Desrocher and Dora Mae Weiher.

•Conservation Officer Greg Oldakowski and Verndale Police Chief Jon Cline addressed 17 students taking the snowmobile safety class. Cline went over the city of Verndale ordinances pertaining to riding in the city limits. Oldakowski went through the safety laws, rules and regulations manual. The number one message: “Have fun, but be careful and safe!”


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