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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, November 14, 1946

•The paper is authorized to announce this week that R. S. Bradford and Charles W. Kennedy, well-known attorneys of Wadena, have formed a partnership under the name of Bradford and Kennedy with offices in the Baehr Building, Wadena, which were formerly occupied by the law firm Barron and Bradford.

•Verndale has a new inhabitant. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sowder have a five-month-old fawn deer making its home on their premises. Previous to last week, the fawn lived on the Milt Chapin farm but as the Chapins were leaving the farm, the fawn needed a new home. Lee Sowder was with Mr. Chapin when they saved it from high waters last spring so he should be the next possessor. Mr. and Mrs. Sowder will keep the fawn until the deer season is well over so that it will not fall prey to some hunter until it can be at large before another season.

•Harry Gibbs began his new job of serving Verndale as a policeman Thursday of last week. Mr. Gibbs replaces George Pilgrim who has served as a policeman in Verndale for several years.

40 Years Ago, November 19, 1981

•John Peabody of Park Rapids examined the damage done to the switch of his 1968 Ford Galaxie which was stolen from in front of his home early Monday morning. It was abandoned in Verndale, near the site of another vehicle theft, that of a ‘75 Ford four-wheel drive pickup belonging to Duane Davis. Police Chief Cedric Haugen said that the theft of the car in Park Rapids was reported after 1 a.m. and the pickup theft after 4:30 a.m. A neighbor leaving for work is reported to have seen the Davis vehicle being driven away but thought it was the owner. The theft was reported to local authorities who are investigating.

•Devon Dougherty and Laura Carlson, Verndale High School seniors, each received a $50 savings bond from the VFW for placing third and second, respectively in the Voice of Democracy speech contest sponsored by the veteran's group. They each wrote an essay, entitled, “Building America Together”, and recorded it for judging. Winners were announced at a dinner for participants on Veterans Day.

•Two Verndale Pirates were named to the All-Conference Volleyball Team of District 24. They were Christ Fitzsimmons and Margaret Runyan, daughters of the Clinton Fitzsimmons and Marvin Runyans.

15 Years Ago, November 16, 2006

•The Verndale City Council held its monthly meeting on November 6. During the meeting, the council passed a resolution approving the holding of a citywide election in January so that voters can decide whether the city will issue an “intoxicating liquor license.” Currently, Verndale has a municipal liquor store which means that the only liquor that can be sold within the city must come from the store.

•Last week, Mike Carr, Jr. was elected the Wadena County Sheriff by a margin of 62 percent of the vote to 39 percent for his opponent Ron Noon. A couple of days after the election, Carr was still on cloud nine. It’s a unique situation because Carr’s dad is the current sheriff. Carr, Jr. thinks the transition will be easy.

•In the Verndale city election, Mayor Wayne Stave was reelected. He did not have an opponent. Two-year council seats were chosen. Bruce Koppenhaver and Leland Moyer were elected. Jim Ackerson was elected to the two-year council seat that was open.

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