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Enrollment stabilizes, budgets take a hit

by Trinity Gruenberg

Another school year is well underway and enrollment numbers are begging to recover from the pandemic.

Schools receive state and federal funding per student to help support the district’s needs. When enrollment declines, funds are lost. One of the main indicators of student funding is through applications for the free and reduced-price lunch program. This program involves receiving funds for more than just meals.

One of the trends that have been seen with enrollment since the pandemic is the increase in students who opted for homeschooling, online schooling, or alternative learning centers.

This is occurring mostly among high school students who were doing online schooling during the pandemic and realized they could have a job and work on their schooling when it was convenient for them. Students enjoyed having more freedom and have continued with the alternative options instead of returning to school.

“High school kids are choosing online because they learned through the pandemic that they can do school and work,” explained Verndale Superintendent Jeannie Mayer. . .


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