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Fanning the flames of a little girl’s dream

Hewitt Fireman Miles “Smiley” Wiirre with Chris and LeAnne McDaniel, birthday girl Kenzy and sister Jasmine. Kenzy’s wish is to be a firefighter and Wiirre took her for a ride in the Hewitt fire truck.

by Kat Wiirre

Fire Prevention Week is observed every year in October. This year, the Hewitt Fire Department was asked to help make a Bertha-Hewitt student’s dream come true.

Chris and LeAnne McDaniel, former Hewitt residents who currently reside in the Wadena area, called Hewitt Mayor Miles “Smiley” Wiirre to help them with a birthday surprise for their daughter Kenzy McDaniel who attends the Bertha-Hewitt School.

Kenzy turned 10 years old on October 6. For several years she has been telling her parents that when she grows up she wants to be a firefighter.

Her older sister Jasmine supported Kenzy and her dream by purchasing her a firefighter outfit for her birthday gift. . .

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