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First inductees to the Bertha-Hewitt Hall of Fame

by Trinity Gruenberg

The first ever induction ceremony was held at Bertha-Hewitt on Friday, September 2. The emotional evening included inducting the first 10 members, eight athletes and two coaches, with a crowd of over 100 friends, family and more in attendance for the big event.

Activities Director David Mills introduced the inductees: coaches were Richard Finck and Janelle Bright. Athletes were Vaughn Hokanson (accepted by friend Byron Hartung), Lawrence Rach (accepted by son Brad Rach), Mel Boehland (accepted by wife Pat Boehland), Wendy Kohler, Paul King, Marshall Rach, Amy Rach and Joeb Oyster.

Mills and committee members, Bob Sieling, Janelle Bright, Dick Finck, Byron Hartung and Mike Barthel, sifted through records to recognize the excellence of athletes, coaches and teams of the past. . .



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