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Friendly Rider receives assistance from local businesses to protect drivers

Driver Leroy Rentz pulled up to Kern Laser Systems to show off his new plexiglass partition.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Friendly Rider is getting a “friendly” upgrade with the assistance of local businesses to help protect their drivers.

The idea came as George Behl, coordinator for the Friend Rider, spoke with drivers about their concerns due to the pandemic. Behl and Randy Jahnke, director of the Friendly Rider, met daily to review the concerns and needs of passengers and drivers and information as it came in from the county and state.

A few suggestions came from the state for masks and sanitizer to be made available on the buses. They had to figure out how to mount holders for both inside and outside of the vehicles.

Behl, after searching and searching, finally found hand sanitizer in a 55 gallon drum. They are sharing that with county departments. . . . .



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