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Grumpy Old Ganz

Happy Summer!

Over the past several weeks, while I have been outside, attending sporting events and running errands, I’ve noticed some subtle changes. The gray overcast days and color of the woods and yards transforming into small green buds sprouting on trees, grass turning green, and spring flowers blooming.

However, I would say Minnesota is not very subtle in its transformation of cold and warm temperatures. We have seen temps drop from 80 degrees to 35 degrees and then rise again to 70 degrees.

I saw farmers working the fields, disking, plowing, picking rocks, and doing other farm work necessary during the spring planting season. Along with the springtime chores, I saw homeowners washing away winter’s grime from their windows and allowing the spring air to filter in and replace stale indoor air. While others prepared their flowerbeds and vegetable gardens to be planted or were already planting them. As I watched the flurry of activity, I was envisioning all the unenjoyable work ahead. It made me tired thinking about it.

During my travels, I passed by the same field almost daily and watched a farmer’s futile attempt to remove the numerous rocks from his field. It seemed as if he was growing the rocks and they were multiplying. A person would truly wonder if they were planting rocks instead of removing them.

With spring still upon us, I have seen new calves in the pasture with their mothers and geese with goslings and other newborn animals. They say that spring is the time of rebirth. I say that spring brings forth more work and I find no pleasure in it.

Summer is still a few weeks away, but I find myself doing summer chores and exercises I would prefer to wait on...but they don’t seem to wait!

They say “exercise is good for the body, mind, and soul”. Quite frankly, I could rephrase that quote with a few choice words.

I hope you can enjoy your summer without too much unpleasant exercise!


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