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Grumpy Old Ganz

A New Friend

There is a little history here. This all began about two years ago involving my dog Kyle, and with time a relationship was formed.

I would come home and there would be deer bedded down within feet of Kyle in the backyard!

As time passed, the deer and both of my dogs have become friends, literally to the point that they play with one another. The buck will lay down or “pounce” or will even roll on its back to get the dogs to play. It’s hilarious!

This buck has become a regular visitor and is familiar enough with us to the point that he follows me around the yard.

Recently, while working outside and concentrating on what I was doing, I sensed something was near or behind me so I looked up and the buck was within feet of me...just watching. So I started talking to him. The more I rambled on, the closer he came. He did not seem nervous at all...he just twitched an ear.

After a few minutes, I turned my back to the buck and continued talking as if we were carrying on a conversation. Slowly he walked toward me. Eventually, we were face to face. He looked at my project and paused as if to offer advice or assistance (while I was counting eyelashes). Then he moseyed a little distance away, bedded down, and just kept an eye on me. Having run out of things to say, I gathered my things and headed toward the house. He also got up and proceeded to leave.

Quite regularly when I open the house door and the dogs or I go outside, the buck shows up and engages with us, oftentimes it’s daily, which leaves me chuckling to myself.

Out here in “Narnia” such incidents are commonplace, no “wardrobe closet” to walk through, just the front door!

For those of you who don’t know...Narnia is a fictional children’s series based on magic, mythical beasts, and talking animals. In the series, the wardrobe was a magical portal that linked Earth to the world of Narnia.

Amusing or not it always leaves me pondering why do these things happen to me? Sometimes you just can’t make up stories that are better than some of the true-to-life ones.



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