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Hanson retires with many accolades

by Trinity Gruenberg

Long-time Science Teacher Alan Hanson has retired from teaching at the Bertha-Hewitt School after 30 years of service.

Hanson began teaching at Middle River, near Thief River Falls, in 1988. The school consolidated and cut his position. He moved on to Cosmos where the same situation occurred.

He began teaching in Bertha-Hewitt in 1993 as a long-term substitute for Pete Wested and decided to stay on. His teaching career continued for five decades.

Hanson has taught various aspects of science such as earth science, life science, biology, chemistry, physics, and independent studies, including photography, in which he has seen many changes along the way from film negatives to Polaroids to digital.

He was also involved with the new greenhouse and loved it. . .



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