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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

December 3, 1997

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schnettler, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schnettler, all of the St. Cloud area, were Wednesday overnight and Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schnettler. Added callers were Mr. and Mrs. John Schwantz and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moe of Minneapolis arrived Friday to spend the weekend.


Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bain and family, Marge Bain, Leona Nelson and Elmer Fragodt were Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Nelson of St. Cloud.

50 Years Ago

November 30, 1972

With the week of Thanksgiving past, the retail committee of the local businessmen met early Monday morning and laid plans for the coming yuletide season. Among these were Santa Claus Day, prizes to be awarded by the local Commercial Club and other events for the weeks preceding the coming of Christmas.


Many newcomers have been moving into the Clarissa area and buying property, farms and homes and settling here. Among these have been families from some of our southern states with a nice warm climate like Florida and California.

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