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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

April 21, 1999

On Sunday, April 18, the Todd/Wadena Firefighters Association held a training session at the Clarissa Fire Department. The association is made up of may area fire departments. About 50 firefighters participated in Sunday’s session. The training session consisted of farm extrication, search and rescue and live house burn training.


Eagle Valley students in third through sixth grade enjoyed a week with visiting puppeteer, Chris Turi from the Hennipen Stone Theatre. Turi is an early childhood educator who spent the week at Eagle Valley teaching students various aspects of drama. Students in fourth through sixth grade were selected to form core groups which performed what they learned on Friday, April 16. The Clarissa Lions helped to sponsor the artist at the school.

50 Years Ago

April 18, 1974

About a month ago, a bear apparently walked too close to the barn on the Jim Turner farm during the night, as the horses started a riot in the barn, breaking out windows and kicking holes through the walls. Upon investigating the tracks, the Turners found it to be a bear, but the animal evidently was just passing through this area, as they haven’t seen it or any tracks of it since.


A transaction was completed last Friday during which Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tiegland of Eagle Bend purchased the Tem Tee Drive In in Clarissa from Mr. and Mrs. Al Fischer of Hettinger, North Dakota.



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