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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

October 30, 1996

The Home Council members, representing what formerly was known as the homemaker's groups, recently held their annual meeting in the Clarissa Community Room. Today, with both men and women members, they are known as study groups. Rita Decker, current president of the Home Council, remembers as a young child when her mother, Irene Peery, would have homemakers meetings at their home. Mrs. Peery said, “We started our group, I think about 1949, and called it the Wykeham Busy Bees. Some of the early members were Mavel Chipman, Faye Goodno, Dorothy Nelson and myself. Later we decided we didn’t like ‘Busy Bees’ and we changed it to ‘Busy Bodies.’”


Eagle Valley elementary students participating in the Fall Enrichment Program are learning about foreign countries and preparing for an International Fair to be held at the school on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 27. Fifth-grade students and the food samples they prepared are typical of the country they are studying. They tasted such things as chips and salsa, Mexico; papaya jelly, Costa Rica; miso soup, Japan; coffee cake, Norway; hot sauce, Spain; citrus fruits, Cuba; potato pancakes and Werther’s candies, Germany; Irish soda bread, pickled herring, rye bread, blueberry jelly and yogurt, Iceland; soy sauce, rice, chopsticks, Korea.

50 Years Ago

October 28, 1971

Nineteen Boy Scouts of the Clarissa Troop No. 37; Scoutmaster Jerry Schnettler and Dahn Beaudoin underwent a 50-mile hike this past weekend.


Seaman Gene W. Booker, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Booker of Clarissa, is presently circling South America aboard the destroyer USS Bordelon during Unitaz XII operations.



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