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Hartman Farm receives century status

by Trinity Gruenberg

The buildings may have changed as well as the livestock through the years, but a Hartman family member has operated the family farm for the last 100 years.

Jerome “Jerry” Hartman is a third generation farmer who was able to see the day the family farm became designated as a century farm.

The Hartman family originated from the Winnebago area. His grandfather, Phillip, attempted to settle an estate, with his four brothers and sisters, as they were orphaned at an early age. He didn’t have enough funds to buy land in that area. He heard there was some cheap land for sale in Todd County.

On March 1, 1920, Phillip purchased 80 acres from Henry Aspengren in Germania Township, Bertha. Phillip’s brother, Jay, followed him to the area and settled in Eagle Bend.

“In those days, it was chickens, cows, pigs, horses and sheep. It was well diversified,” said Jerome. . . .

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