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Hewitt Holiday House spreads joy

Hundreds of lights

combined with Christmas decorations brings the

season to the forefront

providing a little extra sparkle while also giving back to the community

by Nicole Stracek

For the past five years, Trinity Gruenberg’s Hewitt Holiday House has provided the Bertha-Hewitt community and beyond with joy, good cheer, and lights that glimmer and shine. Mixed in with the sparkling lights are holiday decorations, and although there are numerous, each one holds a special place in Gruenberg’s heart.

The idea for creating a holiday light show started when Gruenberg came into some extra funds that she didn’t even know existed.

“I looked at the extra cash and thought I could do something smart or something fun,” said Gruenberg. “So I went the fun route because I’ve always wanted a light show, and I had been looking into light shows for eons.”...

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