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Human mandible bones found

On July 31, the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office was notified of several items found in the Crow Wing River in Thomastown Township.

A deputy responded to the scene and was informed that four different bones were found in the river by individuals recreating in the area.

The bones were collected by the deputy and brought to the Sheriff’s Office. After consultation with the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office, the bones were delivered to the examiner’s office for further examination.

In conjunction with a forensic anthropologist, the examiner’s office determined one of the four bones was of human origin and was a mandible (the bone that forms the lower jawline and holds the lower teeth in place).

After a forensic examination of the human mandible, it was determined to be ancient and of non-recent origin. The mandible will undergo further archaeological evaluation prior to proper interment.

At this time, no other information is available on the origin of the mandible.

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation into this matter is concluded. . .




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