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In Focus

I’m tired of winter.

I’m tired of the cold, the never ending snow and ice. I’m even more tired of finding places to put it after each storm. I won’t see any of my Christmas decorations until spring. I hope they will survive.

What else is someone supposed to do when it’s terrible weather outside than binge watch TV and play with my light show on the computer. I’ve already been working on the Halloween show with some new pieces and a lot more lights. I will be adding a few more songs as well.

At least I can’t get bored with it. And I have more time to learn new things and create the effects I want without having to rush through it. The songs I am keeping are being redone to get them just right.

While I will be working on purchasing a lot more LED lights, I am hoping what I have planned will pan out. I’m essentially designing what I want, but don’t currently have the exact decorations. At least I have the time to figure it out.

As long as winter prevails, I will hide inside behind my computer and try to forget about the weather. At least I’m being productive!



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